Wow! I seriously can’t say enough great things about Christina and the amazing services that she offers! She has so many gifts to share with the world and I’m so ecstatic that I get to be a part of her journey.
From Breathwork, to in-depth programs to flow states... Christina will gently and lovingly guide you through transformation and give you the tools to embody your true self completely in every moment. She is a true goddess and shaman in every sense of the words.
I am so incredibly thankful to Christina for being a magical beacon of light and love in a sometimes dark world.
I highly HIGHLY recommend working with Christina of Stellar Shift... even if you might feel as though “I’ve got this”... or “I’m good”. Christina will help you reach another level of ‘being’.
— Life Coaching Client
As I watched Christina grow from afar something called me to her. There is no doubt in my mind that her guidance is coming from the most sacred of seeds. She helps set intentions and gives ideas but unlike most guides her insight isn’t overwhelming and goals don’t seem untouchable. I’ve never worked with someone who is quite as nurturing and helpful. With her guidance I find myself truly coming into my empowered feminine. Every week I look most forward to our time together. Not only is the growth I’m seeing in myself profound- getting to witness Christina come into her truest journey is such a divine blessing. If you are ready to do the work, ready to get to know your shadow and really embrace your light I can’t recommend this goddess enough. She’s a game changer and working with her has been the most rewarding self exploration I’ve had thus far in my life.
— Life coaching client
I worked with Christina as a personal coach, and thoroughly benefited from the weekly centering and inspiration. It was awesome to know that Christina is interested in your goals and pulling for you, and helping you to understand where you may be holding yourself back and encouraging you to move forward powerfully. The recurring sessions allowed me to achieve things I did not even think about when I initially came for the sessions...Thanks Christina!
— life coaching client
Working with Christina helped me to reshape the way I think about health and nutrition in a way that made it feel as though I wasn’t punishing or restricting my body, but that I was taking care of it because I love it. She helped me to re-form thought patterns and my daily routines to maximize my ability to nurture myself in ways that felt uplifting instead of restricting. Since working with her I have been able to better identify my needs and wants and find better, more healthy ways of fullfilling them. She has given me tools to begin healing myself and begin re-forming the way i speak to myself and about myself. She has given me tools to really step into my power that I always knew were there but didn’t know how to access. 

Christina is very inquisitive and instead of just telling me what is wrong she would ask questions and help me form my own ideas and conclusions about situations. Her coaching style is very informative and always backed with research and evidence as well as real life applicability. She is an amazing listener and always felt very comfortable opening up to her. I was always met with compassion and understanding. I learned a lot about myself and my thought processes through our time working together!
— Health Coaching Client
Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for my health coaching with Christina. Her holistic approach to wellness opened up doors for success that I did not know were possible. She is a great communicator and extremely knowledgeable in whole-body wellness. Not only did we focus on ways to fuel my body internally, but Christina also taught me about the importance of fueling mind and soul and exactly how to do that. She guided me throughout the entire process and was readily available when I needed her most. I am so thankful for the tools she provided me with along the way that have helped me to stay successful even after our coaching has ended.  I truly wish all of my friends could experience a session with Christina! She is absolutely the best out there!
— health coaching client
Through working with Christina I realized how making small, gradual changes actually makes a huge difference. And, it’s so easy to implement these changes because they are such subtle shifts in how I do what I am already doing. I feel empowered to make healthy choices because I know it will feel good! I no longer crave sugary foods because I have tuned into my body’s signals and understand how each choice effects my mood and energy levels. It feels amazing to finally understand what my body is telling me!
— health coaching client
I could not even begin to capture in words how incredibly grateful I am to know Christina. She is so incredibly wise, caring, and compassionate. I am ecstatic about the progress we’ve made together so far, and excited to see what the future holds. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Christina! You are a God send.
— Life coaching client
I remember one of my first sessions with Christina in spring 2018. As we sat on my living room floor and Christina asked me, “How do you truly want to change your life?” I looked around my home and felt trapped, but on the other hand I was “happy”. Happiness defined as little lies I had believed brought me happiness: a good career, safe home, security, my health, etc... But I knew there was so much more outside of my happy comfort zone.

After a long pause, “I’m ready to move on, I’m ready to move outside of my comfort zone.” During this shift and continuing my shifts today, I often feel alone but I always know Christina is a quick text or phone call away. I will never lie, this period of time felt like hell but with Christina’s support I was able to overcome this trapped life!

She supports my wildest dreams. One of my first goals was to move from a home I felt trapped inside of, I was able to cut my living expenses by approximately 30%. She has also inspired me to live a more minimal lifestyle and to remove physical baggage that has been weighing me down. In the mist of moving, I started pursuing new small business ventures and I was trying to balance a very stressful accounting career at a local hospital. Looking forward, I now serve in healthier work environmentl. Christina and I are working towards my truest dreams of being a full time entrepreneur outside of corporate America. These dreams are promising and blooming every day as I pursue dance therapy, holistic nannying, teaching hoop dance, and doTERRA essential oils. Christina is supporting me through big fears and risks in life worth taking!
— life coaching client