with Christina Echevarria, MSc

Human Design is a system that empowers you with tools and embodied awareness to live as your most authentic, aligned and fully alive self!

You are already whole. You are complete. You have everything you need within you to live in the truth of your unique brilliance. Human Design gives us the tools to let go of who we aren’t so we can OWN and LOVE the person we truly are.

Understanding, embodying and living by your unique Human Design supports a life in alignment to your own inner wisdom, Soul gifts and inherent wholeness.

Utilizing the tools and awareness of Human Design to align with our inherent energetic blueprint, we feel the freedom and permission to be awake and aware passengers enjoying the magical flow of life.

The wisdom of Human Design does not ask us to become someone we are not- but rather, to relax into the intuitive knowing of who we are and “de-condition” the patterns, beliefs and dependency on seeking answers outside of ourselves. Receiving a Human Design reading is the catalyst to a beautiful journey of “unbecoming” who you are not, and claiming the perfection of your embodied Divine purpose, gifts and path in this lifetime.

Clients who receive readings are often surprised to hear what they intuitively know to be true reflected back to them or finally feel permission to simply be fully themselves!

Readings are a co-creative process where we journey through key parts of your design and allow for questions and curiosity to guide and deepen the exploration of your uniqueness. I use my intuitive gifts to work directly with your Higher Self and use my natural understanding of energetics to create a deeply integrated and personalized experience.

All readings come with detailed notes on your Design’s Type, Strategy, centers, channels and other key aspects of your chart. Video recordings are also provided for online sessions.

*Please Note: Chart readings require that you know your exact time, place and location (city) of birth!

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The Human Design BodyGraph- an energetic map created based on the time, place and location of your birth- grants access to transformational information about the way your energy is designed to operate and interact within you and with the world around you.

Through your unique chart you are given practical tools and shifts in awareness for understanding how you are designed to approach life, how to best make decisions aligned with your soul’s truth, where you are susceptible to outside conditioning and what it may be teaching you, how your energetic blueprint impacts health, career, relationships, and more.

Readings are an interactive exploration and discussion of your Type, Strategy, and Authority. Channels and centers will be covered and other key components such as Profile may be discussed as they arise!

75 minutes


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Already had a chart reading (with me or with another reader) and ready to dive deeper? In a Human Design Coaching Session, we use your chart as a tool for personal + spiritual growth, healing, embodiment and expansion. Bring your concerns, questions, curiosity, blocks and human experiences into this container for deeper clarity, practical tools, design integration and transformation of your pain into your power. Learn to embody the brilliance of your design and leverage your strengths to live authentically.

coaching sessions are RECOMMENDED for those who have already had a chart reading- by me or another hd PRACTITIONER. on-going coaching relationships are also AVAILABLE. a single session is 60 minutes, in-person or via zoom video.


Please use the button below to book your session. Payment can be sent via PayPal here or paid through the booking system!

I deeply appreciated my time spent with Christina reviewing my human design. Christina is so passionate and her joy and love for her work flowed through every second of our time together. I felt extremely supported throughout our session as well - there was a wonderful mix of Christina teaching but also allowing space for me to express, reflect, and dig deeper into spaces I found curious. I walked away with a whole new understanding of how my energy works, as well as odd sensations and experiences in my body I’ve never understood before.
— Marissa, Business Coach
Christina is a very in-tune guide who led me seamlessly through my human design chart. The reading was thorough and in-depth, giving me new understandings about myself and how I relate to the world. And beyond that, her insights were thoughtful, intuitive and spot-on! So much of what came up in the reading was already in my awareness, but not fully realized, so the reading felt incredibly profound and eye-opening, connecting pieces of myself and putting sense to so much I have experienced. Thank you Christina, I am excited to begin approaching life with the shifted perspective you were able to lend!
— Melissa, Design + Branding Expert and Breathwork Healer
I had a human design reading with Christina last week that was truly incredible!! I had been wanting to learn more about human design for quite some time, and the way that Christina broke it down made it easily digestible and extremely useful. She gave me practical tips and tools that I can start implementing in my everyday life to better align with my design. So many of the explanations she discussed in my chart put words to feelings I’ve had my entire life but have never had a way to fully express or understand. I know this is a reading I will go back and reference time and time again, picking up new nuggets of knowledge to help me in my own human design “experiment”. So grateful to have connected with Christina <3
— Rachel, Holistic Wellness Coach
I had a Human Design Reading from Christina today and it was wonderful! She really breaks down the system of Human Design and how to understand your innate talents, spirit, and motivations so that you can embrace your authentic self and live out your soul’s purpose. Human Design kind of baffled my mind in the past but i’ve been curious about it and it seems to be one of those tools that if articulated by someone who gets the way it works and has a way of explaining what it means, it can really enhance your personal understanding of yourself!
— Angela, Entrepreneur + Astrologer
Christina’s Human Design Reading was so illuminating! I practice Human Design myself and having my chart reflected back to me was exactly what I needed. Christina is a Projector aka a natural guide & lighthouse bringing you home to yourself. I found so much wisdom in her insights - her knowledge is so clear & digestible. I recommend her work to anyone who is curious about their chart!
— Neha, Human Design Guide + Coach
I recently did a Human Design Chart Reading with Christina and it was so incredible! It validated so much of who I am, and how I am, as well as showed me that I am on the right path. Christina was so sweet and knowledgable about Human Design and was so willing to answer any questions that I had! I’ve already started to be more aware of my own energy, feelings, alignment, and frustration and have developed an understanding as to why. She even recorded our entire session as well as sent me very detailed notes so that I can reference time and time again. I highly recommend you do a Human Design Chart Reading with her!!
— Jane, Holistic Wellness Coach