Hi! My name is Christina.

i am a coach, guide, healing PRACTITIONER and human design projector working, living and loving in St. Petersburg, florida. It is my greatest joy and honor to support my clients and my community in their journeys of inner transformation, HEALING, spiritual + personal awakening and soul-alignment!



As a Lightworker, Coach and Healing Artist, I use my highest gifts and awareness to guide clients back into a deeper, more loving relationship with themselves, into a connection with their most empowered truth, and into a life aligned with the wisdom of their bodies and the radiance of their spirits!

Most importantly, I guide clients back to their own intuition- back home to themselves and into their next level of CONSCIOUSNESS.

I utilize holistic, transformational tools and my intuitive gifts to help clients shift into the highest expression of their unique brilliance. Working with me is saying β€œYES!” to moving forward into awakening, authentic growth and alignment with who you are born to be, while releasing old habits, fears, beliefs and stories that have been holding you back from living a life that excites your soul.

I am a Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Master of Applied Positive Psychology, Breathwork Practitioner, Human Design chart reader, wellbeing expert and lover of yoga, nature, plants, Tea ceremony and meditation. My passion for healing and personal + spiritual transformation was catalyzed by years of searching for answers for my own sensitivity, anxiety, depression, disconnection from my body and feelings of being out of alignment with my soul.

A lifetime of lived experience and a decade of spiritual seeking, awakening and embodied practice has led me to my unique role as a guide, a seer, a mystic, a channel and an instrument for the awakening of individuals into a new paradigm of truth, trust, compassion and love.

Through owning my role as a Lightworker, connecting to nature, tapping into my intuition, healing my relationship with food and my body, practicing Breathwork, working with coaches, teachers and healers, following my heart and experiencing many moments of profound awakening, I was led to this moment where I wake up every day filled with passion, purpose and playfulness in service of something far greater than myself. I consider this work sacred and I feel honored to hold this space for my wonderful clients. I look forward to connecting!

STELLAR: Exceptionally good; outstanding.

SHIFT: A change in position, direction, or tendency. To change the emphasis, direction, or focus.

Professional Credentials:

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology- University of Florida

Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology- University of East London

Certified Positive Psychology Coach- Positive Acorn

Certified Health Coach and Life Coach- Health Coach Institute

Certificate In Appreciative Inquiry- Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner

Student/Facilitator of Breathwork as Taught by David Elliott

Human Design 6/2 Mental Projector

For inquiries or partnerships, please contact thestellarshift@gmail.com