Iā€™m Christina. I am so honored you are here.

i am a coach, guide, healing PRACTITIONER and human design projector working, living and loving in St. Petersburg, florida. It is my greatest joy and honor to support my clients and my community in their journeys of EMBODIMENT, inner transformation, whole-istic HEALING, AWAKENING AND LIVING THE PATH OF THEIR HEARTS.


 As a Transformational Mentor and Healing Artist, I use my highest gifts and awareness to guide clients back into a deeper, more loving relationship with themselves, into a connection with their most empowered truth, and into a life aligned with the wisdom of their bodies and the radiance of their spirits.

Embodying the role of a guide feels like a remembrance of lifetimes of experience and training. My passion for supporting transformation and profound awakening in the lives of others in this lifetime has been born through an initiatory journey of my own deepest pain, shadows, struggles and transformation, along with my insatiable curiosity around what it means to be a thriving human living in love, on-purpose.

I first began studying and playing in the worlds of psychology, holistic health, spirituality, eco-therapy and somatic healing because I simply desired tools to feel better and find my own way back to my inner wholeness.

This pathway has empowered me to heal from an eating disorder, trauma, addiction, depression, chronic health issues, anxiety and generally being completely disconnected from my body, my power, my emotions, my intuition, and my Spirit. Through these experiences, I have reclaimed connection to the depth of my heart, the strength of my spirit and a profound sense of meaning and purpose that moves me to my core, daily.

In this path to remembering and embodying radical self-compassion, self-love and my human Divinity, I have received loving support from many wonderful healers, teachers (from this dimension and beyond), professors, mentors and coaches along the way. My first experiences of profound, embodied, deeply Feminine healing was through a connection with Gaia, our Mother Earth. She continues to be my inspiration and source of guidance for experiencing health and harmony within Self and with all of life.

In following my path of personal healing and spiritually embodied awakening, I have been led to earn a Masters Degree in Positive Psychology, to live and work on an organic farm, to study ancient spiritual traditions from all over the world, to receive certifications in Life Coaching and Holistic Health Coaching, to train in Shamanic healing practices, to learn Breathwork from a world-renowned healer and to teach myself to read Human Design charts.

LIFE itself is my greatest teacher and I view every moment as an opportunity for deeper awakening. I continuously cultivate a lifestyle of devotion to daily spiritual practice, reverence to the vessel of my body, deep listening to my own intuition, compassion for myself and others and a profound, loving appreciation for this life I am blessed to live.

My passions include my work, roaming and hiking this beautiful Earth, sitting for daily Tea Ceremony, dancing wildly in my living room, riding my road bike, relaxing at home with my honey, practicing ritual and ceremony, traveling, reading and learning about all things to do with spirituality, the Divine Feminine, energy, healing and awakening.

I feel truly grateful to wake up each day filled with passion, purpose and playfulness in service of something far greater than myself. I consider this work sacred and I feel honored to be on this path. I look forward to connecting!

Professional Credentials:

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology- University of Florida

Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology- University of East London

Certified Positive Psychology Coach- Positive Acorn

Certified Health Coach and Life Coach- Health Coach Institute

Certificate In Appreciative Inquiry- Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner

Intern for Experiential Education and Organic Agriculture- Many Hands Peace Farm, Highlands, NC

Certified Breathwork Healer- David Elliott

Human Design 6/2 Mental Projector

For inquiries or partnerships, please contact thestellarshift@gmail.com


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