Tea Ceremony is a sacred space of communing intimately with the plant spirit of Camelia Sinensis. Within the ceremony, we are guided to cultivate an embodied connection to ourselves, to nature, and to each other. Tea is a gentle, feminine plant who carries within her profound codes of harmony, healing and communion of mind, body, heart and soul.

When we sit for Tea, we drop into a space of presence, open to receive her teachings and connect to the wisdom of all of the elements moving around and within us. During a ceremony, we sit in silence in a meditative space of deep reverence, drinking bowl after bowl of Tea, allowing our experiences to unfold organically as we let the medicine move and guide our somatic and energetic journeys.

As we bring this medicine into our bodies, we are reminded that we are nature, and that our deepest essence is one that honors, remembers and reveres this connection. During ceremony, one may expect to experience a wide range of emotions and sensations and may feel enhanced receptivity, creativity, spiritual connection, and inspiration.

Each ceremony and every Tea is unique and provides us with the perfect experience for that moment!


About the Ceremony

We sit with “living teas”, the highest-quality, biodynamic, wild-growth Teas whose farming practices contribute to the health of their environment and support small family businesses.

A ceremony is about an hour in length and includes a silent space of flowing, dynamic meditation and time for sharing and support around your experience, if desired.

Private and Group Ceremonies are available!

Please contact for inquiries and to book.

I express deep gratitude to my Tea teacher Ashley Smith, creator of the Elemental Energetics Tea School and catalyst of the flourishing Tea community in the St. Petersburg area. I bow to all of her teachers and carries of this lineage, and to all the masters, teachers, and Tea lovers who walked before us.