with Christina Echevarria, MSC-MAPP

Certified Positive Psychology Coach, CERTIFIED HOLISTIC HEALTH + LIFE COACH

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Hi! My name is Christina.

I am an Embodiment Coach and Transformational Mentor for womxn on a journey of awakening their embodied power, sacred purpose, Divine self-love, and heart-centered path of authentic growth, healing and service. My path has been born from my own journey of radical transformation and awakening, and I couldn’t have done it without support all along the way.

Take a breath deep into your belly, and Follow this breath as it moves up into your heart. Do you feel it? There is a powerful wisdom that lives within your body, ready to be accessed.

This living intelligence knows your truth, your soul, your power and the joy, love, abundance, pleasure, playfulness and purpose that are your birthright!

As a guide in your unique journey, I help you access this inner wisdom, listen deeply, and walk your path with Spirit-led grace through nurturing a thriving relationship with ALL of you- your body, your intuition, your emotions, your mind, your heart, your soul, your womb and your brilliant, Divine humanness.

You are truly the one who holds all the answers you seek. And every moment is an opportunity for deeper awakening.

Through deep presence, transformational coaching, Breathwork, embodiment practices, Human Design, somatic meditation, and unconditionally holding you in your Highest Light, I guide you back to your own truth to experience both embodied inner alignment and empowered outer action.

In our container, nothing is off-limits- there is no conversation or energy too big, too taboo, or too scary for the sacred space we connect in. I hold with you in your light, your shadows, your pleasure and your pain.

Together, we welcome HOME all parts of you- fully human and fully Divine- for multi-dimensional, grounded, embodied transformation.

As you create profound shifts in your energy and nurture intimacy in the most important relationship in your life (the one with yourself), we will celebrate together as you create a reality led by Spirit and birthed from the depths of your heart!

Pause, Take another deeeep breath and drop into your body. How do these words feel as you receive them? Is there a stirring of energy in your belly, heart, or womb? Do you feel a sense of resonance?

I work with clients within every area and facet of life. It’s all connected, and it’s all sacred. Some of the many topics we may focus on together…

  • Healing and transforming their relationship with their bodies and creating a life of nourishment

  • Embracing and enjoying the journey of awakening, empowerment and transformation

  • Experiencing freedom to live authentically and be fully expressed

  • Embodying their innate truth, worthiness, creativity, wholeness and abundance

  • Awakening their Divine Feminine energies and coming into inner union with their Divine Masculine

  • Moving deeper into their dharma, devotion, purpose and path of heart-led leadership or service

  • Starting or deepening a daily spiritual and/or embodiment practice

  • Healing or awakening their relationship to pleasure, sensuality and their sexual energy

  • Clearing trauma, re-writing limiting beliefs and creating new, empowering stories and beliefs

  • Overcoming fear and taking action on their heart’s desires

  • Connecting to their menstrual cycles and womb wisdom

  • Igniting a love for life, love for Self, and devotion to living a meaningful, Spirit-led life


Do you desire the support to walk your path of flourishing with beauty, grace and loving support? If so, we may be a wonderful fit to work together.

I hold space for a limited number of long-term private mentorship clients at a time (3 months minimum).

Long-term mentorship is a sacred journey taken together with the highest level of support.

Includes bi-weekly sessions + 1 Breathwork Healing Session per 3 months

All long-term clients receive anytime email, voice memo and text support from me from Monday-Friday.

I am committed fully to you, your vision, your transformation and hold space for your energy lovingly in my heart throughout our time together!

Let’s have a conversation and get to know each other! Before entering into a mentorship relationship, it is important to feel full-body alignment and excitement about the opportunity to work together.

No obligation, just connection.



A 90-Minute 1-on-1 Container

As a sovereign being, I respect your desire to receive support that fits your needs.

These guidance sessions are powerful and are designed to be a highly-potent, transformational container.

Let's dive into what is alive for you in the moment- what you are being called to transform, release, activate and expand- and co-create potent energetic shifts within your whole being.

Perfect for those who desire immediate support and/or who enjoy having time to integrate and embody the potent transformational work we create for weeks or months between sessions.

Sessions may include coaching, embodiment practices, meditation, Human Design insight, channeling and/or somatic journeying.

Also perfect as an “energetic tune-up” to experience shifts in awareness, embodiment and consciousness that elevate and inspire next-level living.




As I watched Christina grow from afar something called me to her. There is no doubt in my mind that her guidance is coming from the most sacred of seeds. She helps set intentions and gives ideas but unlike most guides her insight isn’t overwhelming and goals don’t seem untouchable. I’ve never worked with someone who is quite as nurturing and helpful. With her guidance I find myself truly coming into my empowered feminine. Every week I look most forward to our time together. Not only is the growth I’m seeing in myself profound- getting to witness Christina come into her truest journey is such a divine blessing. If you are ready to do the work, ready to get to know your shadow and really embrace your light I can’t recommend this goddess enough. She’s a game changer and working with her has been the most rewarding self exploration I’ve had thus far in my life.
— Life Coaching Client
Wow! I seriously can’t say enough great things about Christina and the amazing services that she offers! She has so many gifts to share with the world and I’m so ecstatic that I get to be a part of her journey.
From breathwork, to in-depth programs to flow states... Christina will gently and lovingly guide you through transformation and give you the tools to embody your true self completely in every moment. She is a true goddess and shaman in every sense of the words. I am so incredibly thankful to Christina for being a magical beacon of light and love in a sometimes dark world. I highly HIGHLY recommend working with Christina of Stellar Shift... even if you might feel as though “I’ve got this”... or “I’m good”. Christina will help you reach another level of ‘being’.
— life coaching client
Since our first coaching session and Breathwork session, everything in my life just feels easier and lighter. It’s all beginning to flow!
— Life Coaching Client
I worked with Christina as a personal coach, and thoroughly benefited from the weekly centering and inspiration. It was awesome to know that Christina is interested in your goals and pulling for you, and helping you to understand where you may be holding yourself back and encouraging you to move forward powerfully. The recurring sessions allowed me to achieve things I did not even think about when I initially came for the sessions...Thanks Christina!
— life coaching client
Christina’s style seems to personalize sessions for each and every one of her clients. She beyond meets my unique needs and expectations. She is always there for me, even if it’s for a last minute session when roadblocks really pop into my daily life. Christina is also using unique tools like Breathwork to tap into the deeper aspects of life.
— life coaching client

I look forward to supporting you!