Why I Ditched Hormonal Birth Control

It's about time I wrote about this topic, seeing how it's been a decision that's completely changed my life and the lives of many women who are finding this information! I have been honored to teach on this topic and have witnessed a movement happening around the world of women reclaiming the power held in our natural monthly cycles. It is beautiful to watch and to be a part of! Letting go of hormonal birth control and bringing new awareness to my cycle has transformed the way I feel in my body,  has increased my feelings of connection to the rhythms of nature and to my authentic self, and has inspired me to use the power of my feminine energy to be a creator of my life. Yes, it's that transformational!

This story is not to say hormonal birth control is "bad" or "good"- my aim is to bring awareness to a choice that is available to us (that your doctor might not tell you about). I have heard stories from many women that resonate with my own story of feeling completely uneducated and dis-empowered around our hormonal health and our periods. Through my journey I hope to educate, inspire and empower women to make a choice about hormonal birth control that feels right for them. 

When I first was prescribed birth control pills at the age of 16, I wasn't given another choice to help ease the extreme pain of my period. I was told that as long as I took the pills and didn't allow my body to have a cycle, that I wouldn't have to worry about my period interfering with my life ever again. The problem with this approach is that this teaches young women to view their cycles as problematic and a dilemma to be solved rather than a source of sacred empowerment. Birth control put a bandaid over my hormonal imbalances that were at the root of my pain for the next decade of my life. Throughout this time I was completely disconnected from my body and from the power of my feminine energy.

There were occasions during this time of suppressing my natural cycle that I suffered extreme depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts while trying out different pills. These are side effects of artificial hormones that affect thousands of women- and these women believe it is a problem with who they are! More research is emerging linking mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, to hormonal contraception. Unaware that birth control pills might be a source of my own internal disconnection, I continued to take them religiously and went without a cycle for my entire early adulthood.

It wasn't until a few years ago that a co-worker began speaking to me about how she stopped using hormonal birth control and the immense impact this had on her life. She was (and is) one of the most magnetic, magical and feminine women I know and I had always wondered what her "secret" was for being so connected to her femininity. She told me all about ovulation, and how during certain times of the month she feels like she has superpower energy that helps her smash goals at work, push herself during workouts and feel sexy and magnetic in her skin. "I WANT THAT!" was the thought pulsing in my mind and soul. As I began to research the process of ditching brith control, I knew that this was my next step in my own healing journey.

I was amazed to read and discover the information I found about cycle-syncing- using your monthly cycle to align your energy levels with your life- and about unlocking the magic power of the feminine through having a natural cycle. I knew I had stumbled upon a whole new awareness that would change my life. One day I just decided that I was done with birth control and threw it away. I purchased a Daysy fertility monitor to help me track my cycle and began using the WomanCode protocol and herbal remedies to support my body with my lifestyle as she worked hard to bring hormone levels back into balance.

The first few months were transformational- even though it took a year for my period to return, I felt like a fog was lifted. My energy levels skyrocketed, I felt truly sexy and comfortable in my body and I felt like I was discovering a new magnetism that I had felt and experienced from other woman. My skin cleared, bloating and water retention dissipated and I felt a glow of my being that was brand new to me. For the first time ever, I felt like a woman in the full majesty of who I was born to be! I even began to feel more connected to my personal values of natural living as I began to live in sync with my own body and the cycles of the Moon. I even attracted in my soul mate partner during this time!

Cycle-syncing to align my energy levels with my daily life has given me the tools to show up fully in my full feminine power in both my work and in my life. Re-claiming my feminine power through ditching birth control supported me in accessing the wholeness of who I am- both the masculine and the feminine. Getting to know my body throughout each of the four phases of my cycle has brought me new and profound self-awareness that has translated into living more authentically and aligned with my truth! 

I now support women who are ready to claim the sacred and transformational power of their cycles. Cycle-syncing supports hormone healing, self-awareness, self-connection, natural living and is even a tool for showing up as your most aligned self at work, at home, in your relationships and in all facets of your life. If you desire support in your journey of living in sync with your cycle, let's set up a call and discover what is possible for you!

Stay tuned for more cycle-syncing information and resources for your own empowerment!