The Power of Self-Image

One of the most transformational steps in making change in your life and stepping into alignment with your soul's authentic path is upgrading the way you view yourself!

We all hold a self-image- a subconscious collection of memories, emotions, beliefs, images and habits that is formed throughout our lives and is a major determinate in the results we experience in our reality. The subconscious mind is the driver of 95% of our behavior (the conscious mind only driving 5%), so leveraging this power is pretty darn important for actually creating long-term changes in how we show up for and experience life!

Self-image can be both a source of inaction, languishing, self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and fear, or it can be the driving force behind taking action, confidence, flourishing, zest and love of life. The best part of this is- we all have the power to choose the image we hold of ourselves! When we choose to create a positive self-image, we begin to vibrate on that new level of awareness and become powerful manifestors for results in alignment with that high vibration.

When we choose to align with our true nature- as creators of our reality, as the Universe in motion, as wholeness, as channels of spiritual energy and as infinite beings of LOVE- we will notice our reality blossom in response to this new view we hold of ourselves.

During the darkest times in my own journey, my negative self-image was the driving force behind all my actions and led me to a deep dissatisfaction with life and hopelessness in myself. As I suffered from disordered eating, unrelenting perfectionism, depression and complete lack of love for myself, I tried desperately to change my outer reality in the hopes that I would finally be "good enough", but I always found myself back in the same dark place. I would diet more, obsess about my appearance, buy new clothes, try and be more likable, and desperately hope that no one could sense what was really going on under the surface.

At the time I didn't realize that the way I viewed myself- as flawed, as less than other people, as unattractive, as unloveable- was creating a vibration that continued to confirm these beliefs to me. Because our beliefs create our vibration, which creates our reality, this low vibration was only feeding this negative self-image by creating MORE of this in my reality.

As I began to shift my self-image to one of worthiness, infinite potential, spiritual perfection, and divine beauty my life began to unfold before my eyes as a magical journey of spiritual awakening and synchronicites leading me to new levels of joy and fulfillment! Aligning with my Highest Self- my soul's truth- through this new self-image helped me to take new action to create my reality with a new sense of trust and grace. Shifting my self-image dramatically impacted my health, my body image, my career and my relationships. As I continue to grow into new levels of soul-alignment, I continue to align my soul image with the amazing possibilities for my life!

You might be wondering HOW to begin changing your self-image. The good news is- you can start RIGHT NOW. Here are a few of my favorite ways to begin shifting your self-image and aligning with your soul.

1. DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS One of the most life-changing moments in my personal growth journey was learning about my strengths. Owning my strengths inspired me to begin seeing myself as someone who has unique gifts to offer the world (beyond what I was told I was good at in school). Use this free assessment to find your strengths and begin taking action to use them whenever possible! 

2. JOURNAL Creating new images is a powerful way to shift what your subconscious believes to be possible. Write down how you currently view yourself as a kind of "self-image inventory". Begin using your imagination to create a new image of yourself and your life. What do you desire most in life? Who is the person who has this? Who are you when you are in alignment with your Highest Self? Allow your imagination to soar and create a new reality! Make a habit of doing this often. Repetition is important for creating new neural pathways that lead to NEW ACTION. 

3. VISUALIZATION Because the self-image is located in the subconscious mind, working with this image while in a meditative state is a fast-track to making real change right at the source. Write a vision for your Highest Self- How does she carry herself? How does she feel? Where does she live? How does she interact with others? What is she doing for work and for play? How does she take care of herself? Who is she surrounded by? Who is she BEING everyday? Write out your vision in as much detail as possible. Record this vision on your phone or computer and commit to listening to it everyday when you first wake up or right before going to sleep. As you envision this happening in your mind, allow your body to get emotionally involved. A mental vision + embodiment of the emotion= creating the vibration for manifestation!

4. TAKE ACTION One of the best ways to reprogram your subconscious is to take new action that is alignment with the new self-image you are creating (even if it feels awkward or like you "aren't ready"). Want to embody more confidence in your self-image? Commit to taking an action that is completely out of your comfort zone! Want to feel more spiritually connected? Pray or meditate even if it feels uncomfortable. Want to make a career change? Start taking an online course or commit to learning new skills. Want to start a new business? Hire a coach or mentor for accountability and guidance. Actions that stretch you out of your current paradigm might feel scary, but remember that stepping into a new way of being means letting go of the old. As you take new action, transform fear into excitement for what you are creating!