Something I have been hearing from more people after their first guided Breathwork journey is that it was “the most beautiful experience of my life”.

My soul can’t help but do a happy dance and twirl and laugh and sing inside as I think “YASSSS! You just experienced the true essence of YOU!! YOU are the most beautiful experience of your life!”

I love that I get to share the utter magic of this practice in this lifetime. A practice that relaxes the grip of the ego and liberates the spirit.

Breathwork truly helps me cut through my own BS (belief systems) and bring pure light to the deepest corners of my being. Quickly.

When I feel the most unloveable- I breathe and remember that I am a vessel of pure love.

When I feel the most unforgivable- I breath, feel my heart and remember to forgive myself.

When I feel confused, blocked, stuck in a corner- I breathe and remember to TRUST my intuition.

When I want to turn against myself, I breathe and feel my inner child run up to me with open arms for the biggest, most loving embrace.

When guilt and shame bubble up into deep pain and suffering within me- I breathe and remember my inherent perfection.

When my nervous system is on overdrive with anxiety and stress- I breathe and remember my true nature is serenity.

Breathwork isn’t a practice of “fixing”. It’s a practice of remembering.

It’s a space to move through the most tender, raw spaces within asking for attention, healing and love.

It’s a space to return to the core of YOU- the spiritual wholeness that remembers how to heal, love, laugh, cry, surrender and let go!

The times have been intense. Have you felt a shift? It’s a beautiful time to do this profound inner exploration.

Work with me in a 1-on-1 session online or at Intent Space or come harness the power of group energy tonight (and every Thursday) at Intent Space @ 6pm. ⚡️