My fascination with Jungian psychology, ancient wisdom, feminine empowerment and holistic healing all perfectly intersect in an exploration of the four feminine ARCHETYPES that empower us in our monthly menstrual cycles.

Archetypes are symbols, motifs, and patterns of energy that reside in the collective unconscious and transcend time and culture with their wisdom. Examples of universal archetypes include The Hero, The Witch, The Villain, The Magician and The Damsel in Distress. The feminine archetypes are embodied in ancient myths, in modern examples of influential women, in goddesses from different cultures and within each one of us.

I view these feminine archetypes as portals to accessing our own inner power. Their descriptions awaken within us energies and inspiration and allow us to see and understand our strengths and pains as both sacred and universal. For me, working with archetypes is a medicine for our human experience that transcends any limits of time and space perceived by the human experience. When we embody archetypes of the feminine, we gain access the most sacred experience of being a woman. Archetypes give us a tool for quickly "stepping into" the energy of the empowered feminine in any moment!

In this four part series we will be taking a look at the feminine archetypes present in each of the four phases of our monthly cycle. Our menstrual cycles can be seen through the lens of four distinct phases of energy- ebbs and flows- that empower us with unique superpowers and strengths throughout the month. We will be discovering the energies of The Maiden, The Mother, The Wild Woman/Enchantress and The Crone to better understand ourselves and the expansiveness of feminine energy.

My cycle currently follows a "Red Moon" cycle, meaning I bleed on the Full Moon and ovulate on the New Moon. Maybe you are reversed or maybe you have your own timing happening with your cycle. These archetypes apply no matter where your cycle falls in relation to the lunar cycle, however you might feel additional layers of energy depending on the phase of the moon!

The cycle phase I am currently in, the follicular phase, is the first phase after bleeding and holds the energy of THE MAIDEN. The follicular phase is the "springtime" of the feminine body, emerging from the winter of menstruation. This phase is marked by increasing energy and outward awareness, motivation to make the changes in our lives that will allow our dreams and desires to manifest, taking action in our personal growth and standing in our power as a unique, beautiful, empowered individual. 

THE MAIDEN archetype represents our pure, vibrant, youthful, uncorrupted nature. She is living from her heart, un-jaded by the pain of the world, and feels empowered in her unique gifts and strengths. This archetype shows us how to stand in our authentic magnetism- our power to attract our wants and needs that are for the highest good, and to graciously repel all that has not been serving us.

THE MAIDEN finds her strength in her individuality and invests time and resources into her personal growth. This archetype has wrongly been called selfish and shamed for giving to herself, but in our modern times we are embracing the need to first give to and take care of ourselves so that we may then serve and nurture others.

For me, this cycle phase feels particularly potent at the moment- enhanced by the bright energy of Springtime in the natural world and the celebration of the Beltane holiday!

For me, embracing the Maiden looks and feels like:

  • EMBRACING AND LOVING ALL ASPECTS OF MYSLEF, my gifts, quirks, ideas, desires and those things I hope to work on. My maiden practice includes journaling at least 5 qualities I love about myself or am proud of before bed each evening.
  • ACCELERATING MY GROWTH, spending time with my mentor, coach, inspirational books and podcasts and embracing all of the changes that have occurred since letting go of old patterns, beliefs and habits during the last Full Moon.
  • TAKING ACTION to create or make changes from a place of divine inspiration- this blog post series is born from Maiden creative energy!
  • ADMIRE THE SPRINGTIME OF THE NATURAL WORLD- collecting flowers and herbs to bless my home and sacred spaces with the gifts of the Earth, and observing the wild animals in my neighborhood to connect with their Springtime energy! There are baby ducks everywhere <3
  • CELEBRATE the successes of other women and freely praise the women I admire most.
  • DRESS IN WAYS that make me feel most beautiful and powerful and anoint my body with the natural energies of beauty and power, especially the oils of rose, geranium, sandalwood and frankincense.
  • MEDITATE on the solar plexus chakra, the source of our personal power and self-esteem.
  • PRACTICE HIGHER-INTENSITY MOVEMENT that makes me feel empowered such as resistance training circuits and long bike rides.
  • DANCE AND CELEBRATE LIFE with the energy of my body, moving in ways that feel good and move energy from the root chakra into the solar plexus and higher chakras.
  • EAT LIGHT, FRESH, VIBRANT FOODS (I cannot get enough green smoothies right now) that complement the abundance of energy I feel in my body.
  • KNOW WHEN I'VE SPENT ENOUGH ENERGY and honor that though I have an abundance of energy, rest is always a necessity.

Do you desire to connect to your feminine power of your monthly cycle in a personal, deep and transformative way? My Sacred Cycles Coaching offering is designed to provide one-on-one support for women to step into their most empowered feminine self and most radiant health. You can learn more about the ways I support women in connecting to their scared cycle here.