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Plants have been a source of comfort and wisdom for me throughout my life. Always captivated by their beauty, intelligence and humility, I have gleaned many simple yet profound lessons by simply staying open to their messages. I truly believe plants are our allies for healing- in mind, body and spirit!

Yesterday's morning tea and meditation (with the most gorgeous organically grown sunflowers by my side) ended with a channeling of lessons from the noble sunflower. 

The sunflower's existance is literally characterized by a quest to find and drink in the light. Growing above all the rest of the plants, sunflowers have created a life of continually seeking how close they can be towards their source of energy- the Sun. They have even developed a massive surface area for which to absorb and transmute this coveted light.

Sunflowers love light so much they have intelligently designed their entire being in reverence and response to the Sun. During the day they actually follow this light source, always seeking to be connected to and energized by the light. We see divine beauty in the sunflower because yes, they are aesthetically beautiful, but they also hold for us a subtle lesson in following our own Truth, our own source of Light.

The sunflower teaches us about a life of seeking, responding and growing towards our "Light"- anything in life that gives us energy. This Light can be those things you love and feel most drawn to, the habits, attitudes and behaviors that feel life-giving, our sense of connection to divine/spiritual guidance and the guidance we feel from following our intuition.



MIND What thoughts, beliefs and intentions fill you with positive energy? And those which drain you of energy- is there a way to change them to be more life-giving? The sunflowers asks us to keep our thoughts about ourselves and other positive so we may stay in the growth-giving powers of the Light.

BODY What foods and health habits give you the most energy? Foods vibrate at different frequencies, some holding more energy than others. Foods fresh from the Earth are filled with the pure energy of the Sun and are life-giving! Processed foods have been altered so drastically that their energy content has been compromised. When you choose foods, do you choose mostly high-energy or low-energy foods? When you choose the habits and activities that make up your day, do you choose those that add to your energy or drain your energy? The sunflower asks us to choose our habits and behaviors based on how they align us with the life-giving qualities of our brightest Light.

SOUL Do you regularly allow yourself to listen to the subtle messages of the heart and soul? The light of the sunflower is the Sun- our own Light is our unique form of inner and divine guidance and our truth. Following our Light means taking heed of what lights us up and responding to what make us feel most alive. When we are aligned with our Source of Light, we feel a sense of trust in our personal quest. We know, deep inside, that our Light will not lead us astray.


On overcast days the sunflowers does not shrivel up and become despondent. They keep their heads up high, knowing that behind the clouds the Sun is still shining. The sunflower teaches us to continually seek the Light, even during those times when it may feel difficult or impossible to see and feel it.

The sunflower knows that they have a connection so deep with the Light that they have become a reflection of the Light. This Light runs so deep within them that they can actually brighten a cloudy day with the radiance of their very being!

Channeling the wisdom of the sunflower, we remember that by simply seeking the Light, we become the Light. The yellow of their petals corresponds to the Third Chakra- the solar plexus. This chakra is the source of our Light- our personal power. This chakra asks us to "radiate our power into the world". The more Light we seek and allow to shine onto us, the more we become a powerful Light both for ourselves and for others.

Any time we feel in need of inspiration to connect back to our Light, we can simply call on the energy and wisdom of the sunflower as our guide.

Below is a meditation based on the energy sunflower to open and activate the personal power of our Solar Plexus Chakra.

Simply lie down comfortably, close your eyes, listen with headphones in and relax!

Goal Setting as Intentional Living
cactus joshua tree.jpg

To be honest, I was not much of a “goal-setter” until pretty recently. I always felt intrinsically driven to move forward in life but the “whatever happens will happen mentality” ruled. It came to a point where I began to feel stagnant and like I was just floating through life without any clear purpose.

Goal-setting was not a topic that truly resonated with me until I began to actually do it (in multiple areas of life- finances, career, relationships, health and wellness) and feel how this practice orients me on a path full of meaning and purpose for intentional, mindful living. Now, I view setting goals as creating my desired manifestations and desired future.

Setting goals is a form of communication- we are asking for what we really want and claiming this as our future reality. When searching for a new revenue stream that aligned with my gifts and interests, I created a goal to make space for this inspiration and direction to flow into my life. Without creating an intentional way to stretch out of my comfort zone, I probably would not have started a business and a blog and feel as excited to wake up each day as I do now!

Since setting goals for myself last year and again for 2018, I have approached every day with a sense of direction and guidance. If I feel unmotivated or uninspired, I simply refer to the bigger picture I've created  and can more easily turn into my next step forward, no matter how tiny. Looking back, I remember what I set out to do (and it seemed scary) and can now see that I'm DOING IT. It blows my mind. I see the fruits of my desired manifestations and feel a sense of accomplishment and amazement of the simple yet potent power of intention and taking meaningful and inspired action.

Having goals that excite us and challenge us contribute to our feelings of meaning and purpose. Feelings of meaning and purpose are not only important for living a happy, fulfilling life, but actually have positive effects on our physical health as well.  Research has show people with a sense of meaning are healthier, more resilient and are able to both cope better with stress and see stress as a positive force for growth. A meaningful life has even been shown to help us live longer and contribute positively to society.

Just a plants grow towards the sunlight so do humans grow towards what gives them energy. Because humans are more complex and all gain energy in our own unique way, knowledge of what this is for you is a great place to start- both for creating more meaning and purpose in life, but also in setting intentional goals. 

If you struggle with deciding on a goal, a great place to start is brainstorming around what excites you- what gives you energy, and what would give you MORE of this? For example, I found that thinking about coaching as a new income stream energizes me, and the idea of creating MORE of this excites me. I am also excited about having more disposable income to save, to invest in myself and in my business, to give away to charitable organizations I support, and to travel more. So, this year my goals will stretch me to do more of both of these things- coaching more clients and manifesting my desired income- than I would probably feel motivated to do without an idea or vision of what that would look like and entail. 

So if the idea of goal-setting sounds too rigid or intense for your needs at the moment, start light. What is one thing, no matter how small, that if you got it would propel you to the next level in your life? We as a species were put on the Earth to continually grow and evolve- this process is our birthright! Setting bigger goals doesn't mean we aren't content with what we have, rather, it is recognizing and appreciating our need as a living being to grow and thrive in alignment with our most authentic sense of self. Feelings of stagnation or being "stuck" are actually a sign that there is something more for us, just waiting for us to accept the challenge. 

What aspects of your life could use some more attention? Where do you feel called to grow and expand? What excites you most and is just waiting for your energy? Journal the answers to these questions to see what comes up for you. As we move into this magical year let us all use the power of intention to create a reality in the expression of our unique and important purpose. 

In need of guidance in setting or reaching intentionally-designed goals this year? Let's connect.