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Nourishing Mindset

Nourishment, n.: the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.


When we make conscious choices that nourish us- in mind, body, essence- we are filling up the cup that gives us the energy to manifest our highest vision of self. And when this cup overflows, we experience that surplus of energy which drives us to live purposefully in the service of others. On the other side of the coin, when we continually make choices that deplete these energy reserves we experience the opposite: burnout, breakdown, stress and overwhelm that over time, may start to feel like our normal state of being.

But when we consciously nourish ourselves and our energy through our choices, we say "yes" to the expanse of aligned experiences and goodness available to us. We begin to effortlessly surround ourselves with only things that contribute to this energy- from the foods we keep in our pantry, to the social circle and community we choose to associate with, to the media and societal messages we consume and allow into our consciousness. 

What is it that keeps us from making nourishing choices to begin with? We may hold a belief, whether conscious or subconscious, that tells us we do not deserve to treat ourselves with the utmost care, respect and love.  Other times we just aren't aware that there are different choices or paradigms available to us in every moment. It is very common to find that our habits and actions have become so automatic, so programmed, that we no longer feel autonomous to use a different mode of operation. Once we begin noticing whether or not the choices we make are contributing to our growth, our goals, and our highest vision of self, the whole paradigm for "getting what you want" shifts from one of deprivation or depletion, to one of constant and intentional nourishment.  

There is a paradigm, or mindset, of constant nourishment which will keep our cups gushing over with energy, health, gratitude, and an ease of living that allows us to access our highest version of self and greatest path of service to the world.

This nourishing mindset is focused around asking ourselves simple questions regarding our choices:

Will this add good to my life? Will it serve to energize me, to help me grow, to feel enlivened, to become healthier, to feel better in my skin, to contribute positively,  to show myself love,  to allow me to flourish?

Operating from the basic truth that our current reality is a direct result of the choices we make, these nourishing choices result in a reality where a nourished body, mind and spirit are a natural by-product.

When we add more good in, that which no longer serves us tends to easily fall away on it's own. Maybe by having a beautiful green salad as a first course we no longer crave that second serving of lasagna at dinner. Maybe when we sign up for a 9am yoga class on Saturday morning, choosing a Friday self-care night in instead of late-night drinks downtown is easy. Maybe when we begin to point out coworkers' strengths at work each day, adding to the workplace gossip is no longer appealing. Maybe when we begin noticing all the moments we do something really well, we no longer dwell on the times we failed. Maybe we choose to be inspired and read an enlightening book rather than defaulting to mindlessly tuning into whatever is on television. Maybe we decide to say "I love you" in the mirror rather than criticize our reflections. Just maybe. 

Curious on how you can create lifestyle of constant nourishment? Let's connect.