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The Power of Self-Image

One of the most transformational steps in making change in your life and stepping into alignment with your soul's authentic path is upgrading the way you view yourself!

We all hold a self-image- a subconscious collection of memories, emotions, beliefs, images and habits that is formed throughout our lives and is a major determinate in the results we experience in our reality. The subconscious mind is the driver of 95% of our behavior (the conscious mind only driving 5%), so leveraging this power is pretty darn important for actually creating long-term changes in how we show up for and experience life!

Self-image can be both a source of inaction, languishing, self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and fear, or it can be the driving force behind taking action, confidence, flourishing, zest and love of life. The best part of this is- we all have the power to choose the image we hold of ourselves! When we choose to create a positive self-image, we begin to vibrate on that new level of awareness and become powerful manifestors for results in alignment with that high vibration.

When we choose to align with our true nature- as creators of our reality, as the Universe in motion, as wholeness, as channels of spiritual energy and as infinite beings of LOVE- we will notice our reality blossom in response to this new view we hold of ourselves.

During the darkest times in my own journey, my negative self-image was the driving force behind all my actions and led me to a deep dissatisfaction with life and hopelessness in myself. As I suffered from disordered eating, unrelenting perfectionism, depression and complete lack of love for myself, I tried desperately to change my outer reality in the hopes that I would finally be "good enough", but I always found myself back in the same dark place. I would diet more, obsess about my appearance, buy new clothes, try and be more likable, and desperately hope that no one could sense what was really going on under the surface.

At the time I didn't realize that the way I viewed myself- as flawed, as less than other people, as unattractive, as unloveable- was creating a vibration that continued to confirm these beliefs to me. Because our beliefs create our vibration, which creates our reality, this low vibration was only feeding this negative self-image by creating MORE of this in my reality.

As I began to shift my self-image to one of worthiness, infinite potential, spiritual perfection, and divine beauty my life began to unfold before my eyes as a magical journey of spiritual awakening and synchronicites leading me to new levels of joy and fulfillment! Aligning with my Highest Self- my soul's truth- through this new self-image helped me to take new action to create my reality with a new sense of trust and grace. Shifting my self-image dramatically impacted my health, my body image, my career and my relationships. As I continue to grow into new levels of soul-alignment, I continue to align my soul image with the amazing possibilities for my life!

You might be wondering HOW to begin changing your self-image. The good news is- you can start RIGHT NOW. Here are a few of my favorite ways to begin shifting your self-image and aligning with your soul.

1. DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS One of the most life-changing moments in my personal growth journey was learning about my strengths. Owning my strengths inspired me to begin seeing myself as someone who has unique gifts to offer the world (beyond what I was told I was good at in school). Use this free assessment to find your strengths and begin taking action to use them whenever possible! 

2. JOURNAL Creating new images is a powerful way to shift what your subconscious believes to be possible. Write down how you currently view yourself as a kind of "self-image inventory". Begin using your imagination to create a new image of yourself and your life. What do you desire most in life? Who is the person who has this? Who are you when you are in alignment with your Highest Self? Allow your imagination to soar and create a new reality! Make a habit of doing this often. Repetition is important for creating new neural pathways that lead to NEW ACTION. 

3. VISUALIZATION Because the self-image is located in the subconscious mind, working with this image while in a meditative state is a fast-track to making real change right at the source. Write a vision for your Highest Self- How does she carry herself? How does she feel? Where does she live? How does she interact with others? What is she doing for work and for play? How does she take care of herself? Who is she surrounded by? Who is she BEING everyday? Write out your vision in as much detail as possible. Record this vision on your phone or computer and commit to listening to it everyday when you first wake up or right before going to sleep. As you envision this happening in your mind, allow your body to get emotionally involved. A mental vision + embodiment of the emotion= creating the vibration for manifestation!

4. TAKE ACTION One of the best ways to reprogram your subconscious is to take new action that is alignment with the new self-image you are creating (even if it feels awkward or like you "aren't ready"). Want to embody more confidence in your self-image? Commit to taking an action that is completely out of your comfort zone! Want to feel more spiritually connected? Pray or meditate even if it feels uncomfortable. Want to make a career change? Start taking an online course or commit to learning new skills. Want to start a new business? Hire a coach or mentor for accountability and guidance. Actions that stretch you out of your current paradigm might feel scary, but remember that stepping into a new way of being means letting go of the old. As you take new action, transform fear into excitement for what you are creating!


Plants have been a source of comfort and wisdom for me throughout my life. Always captivated by their beauty, intelligence and humility, I have gleaned many simple yet profound lessons by simply staying open to their messages. I truly believe plants are our allies for healing- in mind, body and spirit!

Yesterday's morning tea and meditation (with the most gorgeous organically grown sunflowers by my side) ended with a channeling of lessons from the noble sunflower. 

The sunflower's existance is literally characterized by a quest to find and drink in the light. Growing above all the rest of the plants, sunflowers have created a life of continually seeking how close they can be towards their source of energy- the Sun. They have even developed a massive surface area for which to absorb and transmute this coveted light.

Sunflowers love light so much they have intelligently designed their entire being in reverence and response to the Sun. During the day they actually follow this light source, always seeking to be connected to and energized by the light. We see divine beauty in the sunflower because yes, they are aesthetically beautiful, but they also hold for us a subtle lesson in following our own Truth, our own source of Light.

The sunflower teaches us about a life of seeking, responding and growing towards our "Light"- anything in life that gives us energy. This Light can be those things you love and feel most drawn to, the habits, attitudes and behaviors that feel life-giving, our sense of connection to divine/spiritual guidance and the guidance we feel from following our intuition.



MIND What thoughts, beliefs and intentions fill you with positive energy? And those which drain you of energy- is there a way to change them to be more life-giving? The sunflowers asks us to keep our thoughts about ourselves and other positive so we may stay in the growth-giving powers of the Light.

BODY What foods and health habits give you the most energy? Foods vibrate at different frequencies, some holding more energy than others. Foods fresh from the Earth are filled with the pure energy of the Sun and are life-giving! Processed foods have been altered so drastically that their energy content has been compromised. When you choose foods, do you choose mostly high-energy or low-energy foods? When you choose the habits and activities that make up your day, do you choose those that add to your energy or drain your energy? The sunflower asks us to choose our habits and behaviors based on how they align us with the life-giving qualities of our brightest Light.

SOUL Do you regularly allow yourself to listen to the subtle messages of the heart and soul? The light of the sunflower is the Sun- our own Light is our unique form of inner and divine guidance and our truth. Following our Light means taking heed of what lights us up and responding to what make us feel most alive. When we are aligned with our Source of Light, we feel a sense of trust in our personal quest. We know, deep inside, that our Light will not lead us astray.


On overcast days the sunflowers does not shrivel up and become despondent. They keep their heads up high, knowing that behind the clouds the Sun is still shining. The sunflower teaches us to continually seek the Light, even during those times when it may feel difficult or impossible to see and feel it.

The sunflower knows that they have a connection so deep with the Light that they have become a reflection of the Light. This Light runs so deep within them that they can actually brighten a cloudy day with the radiance of their very being!

Channeling the wisdom of the sunflower, we remember that by simply seeking the Light, we become the Light. The yellow of their petals corresponds to the Third Chakra- the solar plexus. This chakra is the source of our Light- our personal power. This chakra asks us to "radiate our power into the world". The more Light we seek and allow to shine onto us, the more we become a powerful Light both for ourselves and for others.

Any time we feel in need of inspiration to connect back to our Light, we can simply call on the energy and wisdom of the sunflower as our guide.

Below is a meditation based on the energy sunflower to open and activate the personal power of our Solar Plexus Chakra.

Simply lie down comfortably, close your eyes, listen with headphones in and relax!

Jade Rolling for Natural Beauty

Introducing my new favorite beauty tool and skincare routine staple- the jade roller. Jade rollers have been around since 7th century China and were considered a skin care staple for elite women during this time. Jade is a stone renowned for it's healing, revitalizing and protective properties and is also lauded for staying cold when in contact with skin. Jade rolling has become a self-care ritual I look forward to every day- it feels pleasurable and relaxing, like a mini massage-and has also delivered noticeable changes in the puffiness and definition in my face! Hello, cheekbones!

Jade rollers are simple tools used to reduce puffiness, calm redness and inflammation in the face, aid in reducing under-eye circles, stimulate collagen, assist in lymphatic drainage and deliver anti-aging and skin smoothing benefits. When I use the roller in the morning and evening after moisturizing (sometimes after storing in the freezer for even more cooling effects) I notice an immediate tightness and brightening of my skin! It really feels and looks wonderful. This practice has become a mini-meditation for me to really take a moment, check in with myself and with my body, and feel completly present.

Working with a jade roller is easy. Simply use the larger side of the roller in long, upward stokes on your freshly cleaned face using light pressure. Roll over the whole face, jawline and neck. Use the smaller side for the eyelid and under-eye area, moving from the inside corner of the eye, outwards and at a downward angle towards the ears. Jade rolling can also be done after applying a moisturizer or serum to improve absorption. Make sure to clean the roller with soap and water regularly to clear away any bacteria that may have accumulated. Use morning and night for the most potent benefits. While rolling, focus on the sensations you feel and anything you are noticing with all of your senses. Use this time to mindfully practice intentional self-care!

Jade rollers are inexpensive and pack in many benefits, making it a low-investment tool to add to your holistic beauty routine. I found mine at Bodhi Basics and love it! You can buy it here

Have you tried jade rolling before? Are you excited to try it? Let me know in the comments!

Simply Stellar, Volume 4.

Interesting finds and musings from a stellar week.

Face Yoga. Yes, seriously.

These subconscious meditation recordings. Using these recordings brought me the deepest I have ever gone into an alpha state during meditation. I absolutely recommend the book that goes along with the recordings to get the most out of this unique practice.

This recipe that I will adapting to make a baked pear crumble this weekend. Over the summer I would make this with blueberries or peaches. The grain-free crumble topping is perfect to use with whatever is in season. Pears from last weekend's market haul have finally ripped and I can't wait to dig in. And since I have ditched refined sugar from my everyday life, fruits now taste like candy. It's amazing how our taste buds re-resensitize and refine when we stop overloading them with processed sweetness!

Rose everything. This organic facial oil is amazingly hydrating- I use it on my face, neck and nails every evening. Rosehip oil is full of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and smooths lines, wrinkles and adds a glowy essence to the skin. This organic rose petal hydrosol is refreshing, moisturizing and smells divine. I spritz my face with this in the morning and at night, and keep it close by all day for a skin pick-me-up.

Wanting to whip up this  strawberry mylk for balancing hormones. It just looks lovely and I am always down for anything that restores the endocrine system.

Immunity Rituals

This season's immunity wake-up call came in the form of a stuffy nose upon waking and puffy, swollen eyes- my allergic response to the gorgeous (but pollen-filled) Floridan flora blooming in the neighborhood park.  Luckily my arsenal of immunity tools continues to grow and I have everything I need to turn the sniffles into a deeply nurturing experience for mind and body.

Did you know 70% percent of the immune system is located in the gut? By amping up the health of the gut flora that reside in the digestive walls, we empower our entire system to lower the inflammation caused by invading pathogens (including allergens). A significant portion of the immune response also resides in the mind- in habitual thoughts and feelings (state of being) around health and vitality.

A few of my immunity essentials include increasing probiotic intake, sipping inflammation-lowering infusions, and an immune-strengthening visceral meditation. 

1) Probiotics. When allergy symptoms or the beginnings of a cold (which, fortunately, I rarely experience anymore) crop up, the first step is to up the probiotic-rich foods and gut-healing supplementation in my diet. This means a probiotic capsule, a bite of turmeric sauerkraut from St. Pete Ferments and bone broth on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Fermented foods like sauerkraut support healthy bacteria growth, while the collagen in the broth helps heal and seal the gut lining.

2) Herbal infusion. Pour 6 cups boiling water over 2 tbsp nettle leaf, 1 tbsp raspberry leaf, 1 to 2 inches fresh ginger- peeled and minced, 1 tbsp chamomile. Steep 4 hours, strain, and sip warm or over ice. Ginger serves to reduce inflammation and boost immunity, raspberry leaf is packed with Vitamin C and inflammation-calming antioxidants, nettle leaf is a natural allergy remedy and chamomile reduces stress and promotes internal healing. 

3) Visualization/meditation for Immunity and Vibrant Health- Full Guided Audio Recording and Text Outline Below.

Sit or lay somewhere quiet and comfortable and cover your eyes if you wish. Diffuse lavender or chamomile essential oils for intense relaxation.

Close your eyes. Sit or lay comfortably and scan the body for any tension you may be holding.

Gently release the tension and let it melt away, dripping down onto the surface below.

Picture a staircase in your space. Walk towards the staircase and slowly walk up, until you reach a beautiful, bright room.

Walk into the room. You see yourself standing in the room by a sunshine-drenched window, a version of your self with the most vibrant health you could ever image. You see a golden aura surrounding yourself, an aura of protection and safety.

Walk toward yourself and gently reach out to grasp the hands of this glowing self. Feel the golden aura surround and envelop you in bright, golden light of protection and safety. Begin to experience this feeling of vibrant, glowing health alongside this healthy version of you.

Breathe in an out slowly for 3 counts of 10. Gently release the hands of yourself, but notice the protective aura remains around you, surrounding you completely with golden light.

Slowly walk back to the staircase, and descend the stairs, back to your room. Walk back to your place of rest, and slowly begin to come back into your body.

Wiggle fingers and toes, and gently begin to awaken, noticing the feelings of protection and vitality that surround you.

Thank your mind and your body for this experience and carry this with you throughout your day. Repeat daily.