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All-Natural DIY Dry Shampoo

Since I started shampooing my hair only two times per week, I have noticed healthier shine, more vibrant natural color, faster growth and of course, dollars saved on buying products. Our scalp produces the oils that keep our hair healthy all on it's own, and over-washing strips away this precious sebum that keep our hair shiny and nourished.

In continuation of my "holistic hair care" regimen series, I am excited to share the one single natural mineral that keeps my hair fresh and voluminous in-between washes. It is inexpensive, effective, non-toxic and is zero-waste (as compared to store-bought packaged dry-shampoos.)

Kaolin Clay is a silky, fine, mild powder that has been used for centuries in cosmetic uses. It is often used a skin cleanser and purifier, and also as an exfoliant and circulation stimulant for the scalp. The clay is a natural absorber of oils, making it an effective solution for reducing the sebum in oily skin and hair. 

Dusting a pinch of kaolin clay using my fingers or applying with a makeup brush and then massaging into my scalp instantly eliminates any oil buildup, and creates a wonderful just-washed feeling. I will sometimes flip my head over and sprinkle it into the back of my scalp and massage in for extra volume.

The clay is usually a light grey or white, which blends in easily when massaged into my light brown hair. But for those with darker hair, mixing a bit of raw cacao powder into the clay will serve to darken the pigment (and add a nice chocolatey scent plus antioxidants).

Kaolin clay can be bought very inexpensively in bulk (I get mine local at Bodhi Basics) or online. A little goes a long way!

Lemongrass & Sea Salt Hair Spray


A few weeks back I had mentioned the homemade sea salt spray I had been making using a local apothecary's (Bodhi Basics) lemongrass essential oils. I felt the urge to share the full formula with the world, as this simple, all-natural concoction has actually transformed my fine, completely-straight hair into bouncy, voluminous, beachy waves, with virtually zero styling involved (and without heat syling-ever). 

Since fully transitioning to a non-toxic, all-natural grooming regimen about a year ago, I have struggled with getting my hair to a place that looks full and healthy and not stringy and greasy. I have found that magical sweet spot where I only need to wash and condition twice a week and finish by rinsing with diluted Bragg's apple cider vinegar each time (a 6 parts water, 1 part ACV ratio works for me). This last step has been the magic ingredient in leaving a clean slate to work with, and this spray is the finishing touch for the gorgeous natural texture that lasts for days after each wash.

This spray costs pennies to make, is completely free of chemical preservatives and coating agents found in commercial products, and is zero-waste ( as opposed to buying a plastic bottle of product that can end up in a landfill). Win-Win-Win.

Every morning I'll spritz a bit of this onto my dry hair and lightly scrunch. If I need to rinse my hair in between washes, spraying this onto wet hair and letting air dry is equally as effective for revivng texture. The lemongrass essential oil is energizing and invigorating- the perfect morning pick-me-up. If you prefer using this before bed, lavender can be substituted for a calming, relaxing effect.

sea salt spray.PNG

You Will Need:

  • A 16 oz glass spray bottle- I buy mine here.
  • 1.5 tbsp sea salt
  • 2 cups warm, filtered water
  • Lemongrass or lavender essential oil 

How to Make It:

  • Mix sea salt into warm water until dissolved.
  • Transfer to glass bottle.
  • Add in 10 drops of essential oils of your choice.
  • Spritz onto wet or dry hair and lightly scrunch or tousle to add texture, volume and a beautiful, subtle scent.