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All-Natural DIY Dry Shampoo

Since I started shampooing my hair only two times per week, I have noticed healthier shine, more vibrant natural color, faster growth and of course, dollars saved on buying products. Our scalp produces the oils that keep our hair healthy all on it's own, and over-washing strips away this precious sebum that keep our hair shiny and nourished.

In continuation of my "holistic hair care" regimen series, I am excited to share the one single natural mineral that keeps my hair fresh and voluminous in-between washes. It is inexpensive, effective, non-toxic and is zero-waste (as compared to store-bought packaged dry-shampoos.)

Kaolin Clay is a silky, fine, mild powder that has been used for centuries in cosmetic uses. It is often used a skin cleanser and purifier, and also as an exfoliant and circulation stimulant for the scalp. The clay is a natural absorber of oils, making it an effective solution for reducing the sebum in oily skin and hair. 

Dusting a pinch of kaolin clay using my fingers or applying with a makeup brush and then massaging into my scalp instantly eliminates any oil buildup, and creates a wonderful just-washed feeling. I will sometimes flip my head over and sprinkle it into the back of my scalp and massage in for extra volume.

The clay is usually a light grey or white, which blends in easily when massaged into my light brown hair. But for those with darker hair, mixing a bit of raw cacao powder into the clay will serve to darken the pigment (and add a nice chocolatey scent plus antioxidants).

Kaolin clay can be bought very inexpensively in bulk (I get mine local at Bodhi Basics) or online. A little goes a long way!