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At the moment, I am absolutely craving a week (maybe even longer) to disconnect from distractions (social media *cough cough*), negativity and unhelpful attachments, and instead deeply connect to myself and the beautiful experience of the NOW.

From the constant, sometimes draining stimulation of social media, to the temptation to soothe through sugar, to the inclination to complain when things aren't going according "to plan" in my own business- it truly feels time to let that all go and create a sanctuary of high-vibe bliss for a week of recharging and reconnecting. For me it feels a bit like needing a "Spring Cleaning for the Soul"! I will begin tomorrow (Thursday, April 19).

My intention is to regain a sense of mental clarity, to nurture my mind, body and soul and to connect back to nature, myself, my desires, my creativity, my dreams and my goals.

From a post I created on my Instagram stories asking if anyone is interested in joining me in a "detox", it seems as though many other women are keen to join in! This is so beautiful and I am thrilled to have the support from those seeking a similar period of renewal in their lives. If you want "in", feel free to comment here and let me know you're on board!

I have written out my cleanse "guidelines" here simply as inspiration. Anyone who chooses to use them is absolutely welcome to follow them exactly. OR, choose what to keep , what to add and what to leave out. Maybe you're even inspired to write your own guidelines, targeting what you feel like you need to disconnect from and reconnect to most at this point in your life.

The best part of all of this is that it is not a punishment, it is a treat! I am so looking forward to this period of rest and renewal and am so happy to have friends along with me for this journey.



De-activate all accounts for one week.

When the urge to check my phone or computer hits, I will simply write or mentally say 

"When I release the attachment to social media, I gain _____________."

(peace, clarity, mindfulness, connection, a deeper of enjoyment of "real life", etc.)


Check email 3 times per day for work purposes- morning, noon and evening.


No aimless browsing. Only work-related internet use permitted! Send more time creating than consuming.


Nix ALL refined sugars for the week, including maple syrup and honey. Fruit in moderation is allowed.

When a sugar craving comes up, I will simply write or mentally say 

"When I release the attachment to sugar, I gain _____________."

(freedom, a happy body, contentment, peace, etc.)

I will also be journaling about my sugar cravings because they hold messages for me around why I choose to self-soothe.


No complaining allowed. Speak only if the words have a positive or neutral intent. Keep self-talk high vibe and actively seek out the things that are going well.


Sit for tea, go for a walk, call a friend or family member, write a letter, journal, meditate, drinks lots of water, start a new morning routine/ritual, create blog content, dance, take a bath, cook nourishing meals, make a juice, clean and organize, garden, exercise, work on projects, volunteer, enjoy nature, paint, spend time with friends, sit in a coffee shop, focus on work, breathwork, yoga...the sky is the limit on what I can enjoy with this time!