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Simply Stellar, Volume 2.

This week's stellar discoveries and updates, in one place. 

This book -a  scientific walk-through of manifestation through neural re-programming, based in a combination of neuroscience, quantum physics, physiology and psychology. Dr. Dispenza does an excellent job of describing the way we actually "block" good things from happening on a cellular level, down to our programming and body chemistry. The concept seems intimidating, but fret not. His take is extremely deep but also accessible to anyone new to this study. I feel empowered to think and act beyond my physical body and feelings and actually change my experiences by accessing my unhelpful programming in a whole new way. 

A local canning company serving the community with delicious pickled and fermented wares. I picked up  some Ginger Spiced Beets and seasonal Mead Cherries, which won't last long in my kitchen. Jumping for joy that market season is back in full swing after a few months off. This means making Saturday mornings my sacred time to support local businesses and farms. 

I have begun using Lemongrass essential oil each morning in a homemade salty hair spray (sea salt, essential oils, filtered water )to lift my mood and energize me as the days become shorter (and mornings, darker). The one I picked up at Bohdi Basics is my favorite.

My garden! Cooler temps means time to sow once again. Excited for pole beans, kale, radishes, sunflowers and herbs to enjoy in just a few short months. 

Simply Stellar, Volume 1.

Current obsessions and new discoveries over the past week:

A book on perfecting the science of faking it 'till you make it- with psychology. It's an exploration into how the mind actually functions and processes information and gives step-by-step exercises to totally hack your innate power. Self-development through carving new neural pathways is my life- totally geeking out. Find it here.

This podcast on the cultural addiction of technology, and why consciously disconnecting is crucial for mental health. This hits pretty close to home with me as I spent the last week detoxing in a self-imposed A.A. (App-aholics Anonymous) cleanse. The compulsion to check my Instagram or really ANYTHING was intense and I found myself staring at my blank phone screen longingly waiting for notifications, but they never came. By the end of the week I stopped caring- and felt a sense of freedom. This will be a new monthly week-long ritual. After one week free of social media I felt happier, more fulfilled, more grateful for what I have and more diligent and inspired in my work life. Imagine that. 

Summit-An organic, handmade, cruelty-free botanical whipped body butter that smells like high-vibe peppermint patties and melts into velvety, quickly-absorbing softness.  A blend of shea, mango and coconut butters plus sweet almond and essential oils pretty much make this seem good enough to eat, which is what I look for in my skin care (our skin eats too, ya know). The maker behind the brand- Wilde + Co Botanicals, Marriah, is an absolute holistic goddess and a true light in the natural beauty world. Use the code STELLARSHIFT at checkout for free domestic shipping on any order.

This jacket ON SALE at Eileen Fisher- made of Tencel linen which is a sustainable fiber made from trees. Perfect color for Fall and ideal weight for those breezier days in Florida.