Lessons in Letting Go


Today marks the first day back online after a week of detoxing from some of the most suffocating attachments I had been noticing in my life. To say that it was a time well-spent is an understatement! During just one week free from the habits, beliefs and distractions that seemed to cloud my inner guidance and numb my connection to Source/Spirit/The Universe, I gained a deeper understanding what it truly feels like to LET GO.

If you are a perfectionist at heart (or a perfectionist-in-recovery, as I can now see myself), you understand the need to control everything, always. I had been trying to control the growth and success of my business through controlling social media. I was controlling my emotions through numbing with sugar and controlling my inner discomfort by complaining, projecting, and venting outwardly to others. 

Through creating space for letting go- of thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs- I was able to learn so much about the root of WHY I attach so much to certain things. I noticed that this control was an expression of a lack of trust in myself, in my path and in divine guidance. Rather than trying to control with a death grip when I feel uncertainty, I came to terms with the fact that during these times, I need to be letting go the most and simply trust that I am opening myself up to the guidance to move forward.

Through letting go I was also granted access to parts of my soul in meditation that I believe required a deeper ability to surrender than I had ever allowed myself to experience.

Letting go can happen on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level- often all at once. Consciously letting go for me feels like a release of the energy in my heart, a simple mantra of "let go" said in my mind, a visceral sigh of relief, a spiritual feeling of surrender and trust. 

Once I experienced a day or two of surrender, I began to crave this feeling! "What can I let go of next?" became my question. This past week was the start of a new chapter for me on so many levels. I feel as though I will be processing this experience for a while but I am excited to share a few more lessons learned from my week of letting go:

Let go of the numbers

One of the most harmful aspects of social media for me (and many other women I know) is viewing the numbers of "followers" or "likes" as evaluations of how I am doing at being a person or in the success of my business. Yikes. By giving myself space for just one week from waking up and seeing how many followers I had lost or gained overnight, I came to the realization that those numbers are completely arbitrary to the service I provide. My intentions with social media are to broaden the reach and awareness of my services, and to provide value through my writing, ideas, photographs and creative energy. By fearing "not being liked" I not only diminish my intention, but I diminish my power as a woman in service of something bigger and greater than myself.   

Tune in, tune in, tune in. Then tune in some more.

I decided to do a detox of the things in my life I knew I was using to tune out. When I had the urge to tune out from uncomfortable feelings or boredom, rather than using my tuning-out-mechanism-of-choice (food/sugar, social media, playing on my phone, complaining) I consciously chose to tune WAY in. Like, deep in there. I would grab my journal and write what feeling was coming up and explore the feeling through a lens of curiosity. In times of boredom I would grab a book and fill my mind and heart with inspiration. This practice of tuning in is definitely a homage to the saying "the only way out is through".

Inspiration comes from Source. 

One of the reasons I enjoy social media so much is a seemingly endless stream of inspiration and opportunities to learn from others. What I hadn't noticed, however, is that sometimes I get so attached to being inspired from others that I forget that I have my own special, unique channel of inspiration waiting to be tapped into. We all do! Spending more time doing things that inspire me- walking in nature, collecting flowers, reading, writing, spending time with friends and family, meditating- helped me feel tapped into a stream of inspiration unclouded by the images, ideas and creations of others (even though there is magic in  being inspired by others, as well).

connection over comparison.

One aspect of social media I came to appreciate more after a week without is the connections I have formed with women in my community and all around the globe. It is amazing how the internet has truly created a global connectedness and allows us to form friendships, create clients, and share our missions with humans easily across the country and the world! I have a deeper appreciation for social networks as a means of connection and as a business tool. Rather than focusing on comparing myself with others and their success, I am letting go of any self-judegement and moving forward with my business on social media with the utmost of gratitude and integrity.

Beauty is all around!

Letting go of attachments opened me up to so much beauty already in my life. I felt inspired to take impeccable care of my home, build a raised bed garden and plant flowers, herbs and veggies to fill my yard with beauty, walk in the park with a new sense of wonder and awareness, and relish the beauty of the people in my life. Rather than using photos of others peoples' lives as a main source of beauty, I remembered that this beauty is available to me anytime I choose to look for it in my own life.

Did you do the detox along with me? I would love to know what you learned! Do you feel inspired to release some of your own attachments? Comment below!