As a Health and Life Coach, I help clients heal and flourish in their lives through creating healthy habits and embodying the vibrant being they were born to be. Clients come to me with their deepest desires for their health and life- some want to simply FEEL better in their bodies, or to feel more spiritually aligned, to find more freedom in their relationship with food or to heal chronic imbalances, while others desire to shed excess weight that they know is not serving them.

All of these desires are beautiful. They are all pathways to a deeper, more loving connection to the self. I often see these clients get what they want as a "side effect" of the work we do. What they really experience is inner transformation, the releasing of old stories, strengthened confidence, self-love and a new lifestyle of consistent healthy habits and mindset. My absolute favorite part of this healing work, however, is supporting clients in connecting back to their intuition. 

What's so great about intuition? Intuition is our innate guidance system. It's our gut feelings, our inner compass, our connection to our soul and to the vast intelligence of the Universe. When we develop our own intuition, we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for answers. In this age of information overload, re-connecting to our intuition is an act of true self-empowerment! Connecting to intuition through listening to your body's messages is a great first step in living a more intuitive life. Learning to trust the body's signals creates deeper confidence and trust in your own intuitive abilities, strengthening this power to guide you in every other area of your life. I truly believe the body is our spiritual vessel, and by learning to care for the physical aspects of ourselves, we open up to ever deeper and stronger connections with our own spiritual nature!

In our modern world it's easier than ever to get cut off from the intuition we naturally have about our bodies. Through societal and cultural messages from the media, airbrushed images of "health", celebrity-backed weight loss crazes, endless options for diets and quick fixes, and deep subconscious programming around our own relationships with food and our bodies,  it's no wonder there is so much confusion around health. When we connect to our intuition around our health, we are tapped deep into our primal, instinctual selves- the ancient wisdom that knows exactly what the body needs in any moment to return to harmony. We no longer need that new fad diet, the validation of the scale, the control tactics, or the fear around food. 

I believe in shedding these layers. In illuminating the truth about your body and around health. That we are all perfectly whole, perfectly intuitive, perfectly able to create a loving, high-vibrational, harmonious relationship with our physical bodies. And in doing this work to connect deeper to our physical selves and clear our channel, we unlock new realms of clarity, inner connection and spiritual guidance. When we learn to intuitively trust our own bodies, it becomes easier for us to trust life itself.

Intuition and health is a two-way relationship- choosing to listen to our intuition increases our ability to make conscious, healthy choices, and choosing to care for our bodies helps us to better access the messages of our intuition. I often refer to intuition as the "channel"- a pathway for receiving clear messages. In order to actually receive these messages, the channel first needs to be clear and open. Intuition is most available to us when we are relaxed and free of stress. For many, lowering the stress response in the body through diet, lifestyle and mindset is the first step in clearing the channel for intuition to shine.

I have outlined a few tips for connecting more intuitively to your own body's wisdom and for clearing your own intuitive channel.

 Balance blood sugar

The #1 cause of internal stress within the body is chronically unbalanced blood sugar. This means the body is working hard just to keep you safe from blood sugar spikes after eating foods that are highly processed or full of refined carbohydrates, sugars and caffeine. With the body in constant "stress mode", intuition is much harder to tap into. Eating for balanced blood sugar looks like choosing foods in their most whole and natural form (such as an apple rather than apple sauce or brown rice instead of rice crackers), eating protein/healthy fats at every meal, abstaining from caffeine on an empty stomach, drinking plenty of water and eating at regular intervals throughout the day. When my clients begin to experience the JOY of balanced blood sugar, they never want to go back to the shaky, jittery and fatigued feelings of the constant blood sugar spike and crash!

Honor your hunger and fullness.

Tapping into your body's signals of hunger and fullness is a huge step forward in connecting deeper to your body's brilliant wisdom. This is especially important for developing intuition. It can be easy to confuse other forms of hunger- emotional, mental, spiritual- with physical hunger. A great question to begin developing this awareness is asking yourself the question "What does it feel like to be hungry?". What physical sensations do you feel? Where in your body do you feel it? How do you know when it's time to eat? And do the same with fullness. "What does it feel like to be full?" What physical sensations do you feel? How do you know you've had enough to eat? Begin to bring awareness to a hunger and fullness scale from -10 to 10 and notice at the start of every meal or snack where you fall on the hunger and fullness scale. Do the same for fullness at the end of every meal and snack!

Focus on the feeling.

Rather than using mental constructs such as calories, macros and diet plans to choose foods, try focusing on how that food will make you FEEL and the impact on your energy. Begin to ask your body "How will this food make me feel? Will is raise my energy levels or suck my energy? Will I feel vibrant or sluggish with this choice?". Begin to honor and trust the answer that your body gives you. Sometimes the kale salad will feel really good but sometimes the cheeseburger might! 

Eat mindfully.

Focus on the sensations, textures, smells, tastes and subtle sensory experiences of mealtime. Intuition means we are connected fully to our senses and perceptions, and practicing these skills with our meals helps us to tune in deeper to our present experience.

raise your vibration

Intentionally moving towards behaviors and habits that contribute to a higher vibration make it easier to connect with your own inner guidance and the voice of your soul! Raise your body's vibratory rate through eating plenty of gorgeous greens, fresh, colorful veggies, drinking plenty of fresh water, taking deep breaths, practicing movement to move stagnant energy, and spending time in nature. Meditation, breathwork, ritual and spiritual practices are also amazing for connecting you deeper to your own intuitive superpowers.

Are there any practices you use to connect to clear your channel and connect to your own intuition? Let me know! Download my free e-book, How to Start a Conscious Eating Practice, for a step by step guide to eating more mindfully and forming a more intuitive connection with your own body.