Accessing Your Intuition

Yesterday, while walking outside in the gentle post-rainstorm mist, I came upon a tree bearing flowers of majestic, otherworldly beauty. I had noticed this tree before in passing and each time it seemed to beckoning me to come closer. As I walked up to the tree I noticed there was one flower perfectly within my reach. Over the past couple of weeks I have been studying the art of flower essences- medicine made by imprinting the energetic makeup of a flower into water using sunlight- and knew in this moment, this flower was my medicine.

Gently asking the flower for permission and receiving a positive feeling, I gingerly picked the flower (a Royal Ponciana), said a prayer of gratitude and returned home to meditate with the flower and create a positive mind-space with which to prepare the essence. Upon researching this flower, I learned that this flower's medicine is confidence, clarity of purpose, and supporting laser-focused action to move forward. My heart began to dance with joy- this was MY flower! My intuition moved me to this medicine as a nudge forward in bringing to life all of the ideas and concepts floating in my mind and my notebooks lately.

This story is less about the flower and more about the process of intuitive guidance. In the moment it is easy to think that we just have random urges to do things, but looking back we often notice the dots that connect and lead us to a moment of truth, discovery or clarity. Our intuition is a system of inner guidance located in the consciousness of our bodies. For some, it's a "gut feeling" or a twinge of energy in the heart. For others it's a soft whisper, a "hit" in the sacral chakra or an energetic reading from the environment. Think of a time when you walked into a room and felt intuition about what had just transpired- is the energy tense after a heated discussion? Is it joyful with celebration? Is it awkward as though you are not welcome? That bodily sensation is your intuition speaking through energy.

Intuition is not "one size fits all", which is why science has a difficult time wrapping it's evidence-based head around the concept that we each have our own unique, subjective experience of very real energetic signal. Discovering and connecting to our unique sense of intuitive guidance is a thrilling adventure. The more we begin to tune in, the less random life feels. The more we listen, the more guided and supported we feel on the path to our most authentic self. The quieter we get, the easier it is to sense the messages that emanate from within. The more we trust, the easier it is to care for our physical, emotional and spiritual form. Intuition is both our connection to ourselves and to the greater intelligence of life.

Intuition guides many aspects of our lives if we allow it to: Finding our "medicine" (plants, dance, meditation, art, stillness, tea, friendship, nourishing food...anything that feels healing), navigating relationships, finding our meaning and purpose in life, knowing if a loved one needs help or healing, choosing the right foods for our bodies, living a creative life, perceiving the energy of our surroundings, knowing when to exert energy and when to rest, feeling into making decisions of our "next move"...when we learn to access our intuition in daily life we may begin to notice ourselves "feeling into" life as much as or more than thinking about it! 

In a society that praises the power of the mind and generally ignores the wisdom in the body, re-connecting to this source of intelligence is an empowering act. Balancing the mind, body and spirit brings us into our wholeness, allowing us to access the entirety of who we truly are. Below I have outlined a few tips for getting out of the mind and into the body to deepen your access to your own intuitive guidance for more clarity, health and direction in life!

Exercises for accessing intuition

1. CREATE TIME FOR STILLNESS. One of the simplest ways to begin accessing our intuition is by sitting in stillness and allow whatever thoughts, messages and feelings to arise and float past your awareness. I find some of my best creative ideas and inspiration come during or right after my daily meditation. Set a timer for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes- whatever feels accessible to you- and simply be still and breathe. When time is up, take a moment to write down any thoughts, ideas, feelings, urges, images or messages that came through during your time of stillness.

2. WALK WITH NO DESTINATION. This practice is easy and fun and allows your intuition to guide you on an adventure. Go out on a walk with no planned route or destination and allow your intuition guide you. Maybe you intuition says "go left" or "keep walking straight" or "go stand under that tree". After your walk, take a few minutes to journal anything that felt significant, enjoyable or interesting about your adventure and the ways your intuition guided you.

3. START AN INTUITION JOURNAL. Begin a journal to write down moments of intuition and the ways these messages were expressed for you. Where in your body did you feel it?  Was it a voice or a sense of "knowing"? Was it in a dream? While walking? Driving? Meditating? What was your intuition trying to tell you? Did you take action or wait it out? Did you trust the feeling or question it? If you followed the feeling, what was the outcome? Getting to know our unique expression of intuition is a powerful way to feel more guided and supported in our choices and our life path. Approach this with a sense of curiosity rather than judgment!

4. CREATE A HABIT OF TUNING INTO THE BODY. It is common to be so conditioned to stay in the mind- this is exhausting to our energy and cuts us off from some of the most important guidance and messages we have access to in the energy of our bodies. These messages can often come in the form of restlessness, contentment, anxiety, discomfort, pain, and other physical sensations such as hunger, cravings, thirst or fatigue. These messages helped our ancient ancestors know to take care of a need, to change their environment or move to a new one, to pay attention to something or to follow the thread of an instinct. To create a habit of listening to and understanding the messages of the body, set an alarm to go off every hour one day a week and check in with yourself during each alarm. What do you need in that moment? Maybe you are content. Maybe you need a healthy snack or a glass of water. Maybe you need to get up and stretch. Maybe you need to explore an uncomfortable emotion. Maybe you need to take a moment for gratitude! Whatever it is, honor the message and trust that whatever comes up is exactly what was needing to be noticed or seen.

An excellent resource for developing many aspects of intuition through clear information, guided exercises and journaling prompts is the book "The Intuitive Way" by Penney Pierce. Whether intuitive living is a new concept for you or you have been exploring this way for many years, there is wisdom there to be gleaned!

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