experience the incredible medicine already within you- the medicine of your breath.


Breathwork is a transformational energy healing modality that has been used by humans for thousands of years to access non-ordinary states of consciousness, connect with the innermost Self, experience profound healing and receive spiritual guidance.



Using the breath as your healing tool, you will go on an inner journey to clear energetic blocks in the body, open the heart and connect to the power of your intuition.

breathwork allows somatic release of what you may be holding on to and creates spaciousness for your soul to emerge.

The Breathwork is a two-part pranayama as taught by my teacher and renowned healer David Elliott. As you bring more life force (prana or chi) into your system, you will experience your body’s intelligence and feel a movement of your own energy in the form of vibration, tingling sensations and expanded consciousness.

As your nervous system relaxes and your body opens, you may feel and release stored and trapped emotions from the subconscious body, receive direct spiritual guidance and personal revelations, enter the realm of the unconscious mind and experience a psychedelic-like or deep meditative state.

In additional to deeply relaxing and healing the nervous system, the breath can create potentially transpersonal, mystical and transformative experiences that touch all aspects of your being.

Every Breathwork session will be different depending on what is needed for healing in that particular moment!

Through the breathing one may feel lighter and clearer, experience profound joy and love, open the heart, receive guidance, activate intuition, connect to Spirit, awaken creativity, receive Divine “downloads”, let go of unhelpful patterns and beliefs, process and heal emotional wounds and traumas...and more.

My own experience working with the breath has blessed me with profound emotional and spiritual transformation and amazement at the power we all hold to be our own healers. I am honored to be offering this practice in-person in the St. Petersburg, FL area and anywhere in the world, online.

In addition to private sessions, I run Breathwork groups in a few beautiful locations around St. Petersburg! Please check out my Groups + Events page for a schedule of these gatherings.

I am also available to lead Breathwork for private small groups, corporate and special events, and more. Email me at thestellarshift@gmail.com to inquire!


  • Releases stress and anxiety from the body and deeply relaxes and re-charges the nervous system

  • Induces an effortless, deep, restful meditative state

  • Enhances access to creative and intuitive resources

  • Clears connection to intuition, allowing direct spiritual and personal “downloads” and revelations

  • Allows the trapped energy and cellular memory of trauma to safely be released from the body, resulting in emotional and physical healing

  • Clears unresolved or “stuck” emotions from the body, such as guilt, sadness, anger and shame, resulting in feelings of lightness, clarity and inner peace

  • Fosters deeper connection with both your physical body and with your spiritual nature

  • Opens the heart for deeper self-love and self-compassion

  • Can induce mystical, spiritual and transpersonal experiences that enhance feelings of connection, love, consciousness and awareness

  • Enhances overall wellbeing and connection to your authentic essence

  • And more! The depth and breadth of the medicine of breath are profound.



Sessions can be done in-person at Intent Space in St. Petersburg or virtually via Zoom video, anywhere in the world.

Each 75 minute session consists of:

Time for discussing your intentions, desires, challenges and blocks before the healing work

Guided Breathwork with music, essential oils, sacred plants, intuitive guidance, and time for deep relaxation + integration

A closing discussion for integrating your experience and receiving “soul-care” next steps

You will be able to use the breathing technique on your own after the session any time you desire!


Energy exchange for one private session is $111.

Exchange for a package of 3 sessions is $320.

Wow. My session with Christina today was exactly what I needed and I am so thankful our paths crossed! She honestly feels like a gift to me, and to this world. I’ve been feeling very lost lately, but one hour of breath work with Christina was exactly what I needed to come back home to myself. The music, essential oils, light touch and breathing exercises were the perfect combination to shake me up and release what needed to go. The studio space is beautiful with natural light and it truly does- vibrate higher- in there. I left buzzing with energy. Honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had in a while and this review is coming from the deepest part of my heart.
— Breathwork Session Client
The Breathwork coaching session I did with Christina was SO powerful for connecting to Spirit, ramping up my digestion, & breathing deeper into my body. I actually believe the session supported an energetic release in my heart chakra. This new, deeper breath is giving me LIFE!! I’ve been using the methods Christina shared me in our session every day since and have felt calmer, more grounded in my body, and more focused on breathing throughout the day overall. Thank you so much Christina!
— breathwork session client
Last night was my first experience with Breathwork and it was truly transformative. It was a commitment that I made before the new year to make the time to do what I find meaningful and to spend time with the special people I’m blessed to have in my life. A few close friends also attended the ceremony. Christina was an amazing guide and the experience far exceeded my expectations. I’m excited to share the experience with others and look forward to participating again in the future. Thank you, Christina.
My Breathwork session today was pure medicine for my mind, body and soul. I have worked in a group setting with Christina before, which was profound. Having the opportunity to work one-on-one was so healing. Christina guides you through the breath practice and then intuitively knows when to allow you to have time and space to have your own experience. To work with Christina is to be gently held, supported and nurtured on many levels. I’m so grateful. If you have never had a Breathwork session I highly recommend Christina for her approachable, gentle, yet profound way of supporting your well-being.
— Breathwork Session client
Recently, Christina and I had a life coaching session paired with Breathwork. The Breathwork gave me the opportunity to release deeply stored negative emotions and memories that no longer served me. I instantly felt weightless and fully relaxed after days of heavy emotions. I love that she also uses essential oils during our sessions!
— Breathwork session and life coaching client
Tonight was my first experience with Breathwork as guided by Christina Echevarria. What an experience; one I will return to again and again. It was a new adventure made easier as Christina created an atmosphere of welcoming. She then introduced the method & guided us through and out of the practice. Sharing the experience with others was also enriching. Thanks Christina.